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Posted by: nic

Since some translators for SpeedSim left and some languages are still missing, I'm looking for translators for the following languages (in no particular order):

  • French
  • Turkish
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish

If you're interested, you should register in the SpeedSim forum and contact me (TheButcher) there via PM (in english or german). IRC (#speedsim @ OgameNet) would be a plus point, but not needed.

Posted by: nic

I've released a new SpeedSim version now. It's mainly a bugfix release, but also includes a few new features. Additionally the reports can be read in again now.

For a complete list of changes take a look into the change log.

Posted by: nic

To make it short: I already know about the new OGame version and the problem it causes (i.e. coords not being read). I will release a new version of SpeedSim in the next few days. SpeedSim Online will be updated too, of course.

Before I forget: Thanks, GameForge, for this fantastic information policy..

Update: Alternatively you can also just edit your language file and change the SPIO2-string to "] (" (without the quotes). E.g. change "SPIO2=] at " to "SPIO2=] (".
Germal users can take this prepared language file: de_lang.ini (right click, "Save Target As..").

Posted by: nic

This text regards only to the german users of SpeedSim

Ich möchte hiermit kurz darauf aufmerksam machen, dass nicht von mir (also dem SpeedSim-Entwickler) verwaltet wird oder mir gehört. Diese Seite ist lediglich ein "Rip-Off". Die Domain wurde also von einem Domain-Grabber gekauft, um mit der Arbeit anderer Geld mit Werbung zu verdienen ist die einzige offizielle Homepage von SpeedSim. Und ich bitte euch auch nur diese zu benutzen und weiterzugeben, da ich keine Kontrolle über die andere habe.


Posted by: nic

Hello there,
Since there has been no major bug report with the beta I have closed it now and updated the main version.

To make SpeedSim Online a little more like the offline version I've also added an IP-Missile Simulator. Simply click "Simulate IP-Missile Attack" and the combat will be calculated upon the information you supplied. The simulation is based on JavaScript so it's more server independent. Enjoy!