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Posted by: nic

Since our provider moves into a new computer center, our server (ie. websim and this page) will be offline in the night of Feb 2nd until Feb 3rd (UTC).

I am sincerly sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by: nic

Hey there,

A friend of mine wrote a very nice Android application to manage your OGame RSS feeds. As he told me, it is the only working mobile RSS reader for OGame.

It's highly optimzed for ogame content like categorization of messages, notification and other nice stuff.

Click here to download. (or search for PwnGameReader in the Android market.)

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2

Posted by: nic

Zizzaria wrote a nice tutorial about how to make SpeedSim working on Mac OS X with WinE.

Check it out now!

Posted by: nic

I've just managed building a native 64 bit version of SpeedSim Offline. So, if you're interested in such a version, you can test it now. There are also some other changes (like changable recycler speed) but don't expect too much.

On my machine (AMD Athlon 64 6000+ X2) there is a speed up of about 20-30%.

More information and the download link are in the forum:!

Posted by: nic

Hi there,
I've uploaded a little change to SpeedSim Online: You can now set the structure points going into the debris field. This is useful for some other universes where the default value is not 30% (like Universe, where its 70%). This update also fixes a minor rounding problem.

I hope that its useful for some players!