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Posted by: nic

Hey there,
I've been working a bit on the backend of the websim and finally rewrote it almost completely. SpeedSim Online should be a bit faster and much more stable - although you might not notice it ;-). And because there's changed so much, I'd like to do a public beta test before making it the default online simulator.
It will look completely identical and you can log in as always. Try it at: If you find any problem or error, it would be nice if you left a message in the forum. Thanks in advance!

BTW: There is a (spanish) video tutorial for SpeedSim by The Player available on YouTube.

Posted by: nic

Hey folks,
the new website has just been completed. I hope you like it - I do ;-) (thanks a lot to squiddy for his patience with me!). Now there is a - currently incomplete - tutorial and a new FAQ available. Also pages have been updated, reorganized and translated into english (finally!). If you find any error or problem, you can inform me over the forum or IRC. If you want to help out writing a help (maybe in your language) do not hesitate to contact me.

By the way: If you are using Linux and have already some experience with it, you may take a look at QtSim - developers needed!

Last, but not least I've moved from sourceforge to a new server. That means the page and the forum should load much faster now. I hope you enjoy it :-)