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Posted by: nic

Good news for the Mac users! jvernet built a Mac version of QtSim and made it available for you. So, if you're interested in testing it take a look into this thread:

But be aware that its still alpha and may contain bugs

Posted by: nic

I just wanted to note: The mail addresses aren't reachable at the moment. I'll try to fix these problems as soon as possible

Update: E-Mails working again!

Posted by: nic

As you may have noticed currently the OGame results of Interplanetary Missile Attacks differ from those calculated by SpeedSim.

The reason for this is a bug in OGame so you'll have to be careful with the results you get. Fortunately this bug should be fixed soon - the OGame developers know about the problem. If I have more information I will inform you, of course

Update: After some tests its now clear what the reason for the strage results is: The order is now just completely random (except for the primary target) that means that only the remaining defense of the primary target is really calulatable. I'll update the simulators respectively soon.

Posted by: nic

Since the generation of Combat Reports and the Best/Worst-Case html files is very time consuming, I have deactivated both now. I will keep them deactivated until I find a proper solution for this problem.

Update: The reports will be generated again, but you have to activate them manually each time. This prevents the server from generating unneeded html files.

Posted by: nic

I've just put the new SpeedSim version on the sourceforge servers. This version fixes a lot of bugs (you can read in the IP-Missiles again - yey!) and should be now working fine under Windows Vista.

The major change in this version is the folder where SpeedSim saves the options and HTML files (combat reports and B/W-Case). These files are now in %AppData%\SpeedSim. Furthermore you can set now the amount of resources going into the debris field manually - this should be useful for players from Spanish Universe 50 players. The other changes are are mostly optical.

Update: If you're getting the info box about an outdated version although you already have the latest, please redownload SpeedSim - this bug is fixed now. Sorry for all inconvenience.