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Posted by: nic

Hi there,
I have now enabled SSL/TLS for both SpeedSim Online as well as this SpeedSim web site.

Posted by: nic

Since our provider moves into a new computer center, our server (ie. websim and this page) will be offline in the night of Feb 2nd until Feb 3rd (UTC).

I am sincerly sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by: nic

Zizzaria wrote a nice tutorial about how to make SpeedSim working on Mac OS X with WinE.

Check it out now!

Posted by: nic

I've just managed building a native 64 bit version of SpeedSim Offline. So, if you're interested in such a version, you can test it now. There are also some other changes (like changable recycler speed) but don't expect too much.

On my machine (AMD Athlon 64 6000+ X2) there is a speed up of about 20-30%.

More information and the download link are in the forum:!

Posted by: nic

Hi there,
I've uploaded a little change to SpeedSim Online: You can now set the structure points going into the debris field. This is useful for some other universes where the default value is not 30% (like Universe, where its 70%). This update also fixes a minor rounding problem.

I hope that its useful for some players!